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Autoclaves / Pressure Steam Sterilizer ( 35 L )

Sterilization Devices

Construction: Superior quality & finish. All these autoclaves are made of 8 gauge aluminum. The drum is deep drawn. The lid is die casted. Locking of lid by 6 nuts with rubber gasket seal in between (no metal to metal seal). Two safety valves, pressure gauge, flexible metal tubing to exhaust air. Includes outer stand, inner tripod stand.


  • Equipped with two stages "over pressure" protection system incorporating a calibrated continuous bleeding Pressure stopcock and pressure release weight valve.
  • Equipped with steam release /control valve and flexible metal exhaust tube. For assurance of quality each autoclave is tested to the parameter of successful sterilization.
  • All aluminum deep drawn seamless construction of base unit.
  • Heavy cast aluminum lid with six wing nut.